Address unification and document attribution to organizations

The tutorial will review the process of mapping addresses to organizations and the challenges it poses to practitioners.

We aim at creating an environment that facilitates the participants developing an analytical and critical attitude about this process.

Thus, with the help of exercises we will review technical aspects and discuss on issues that may affect bibliometric indicators and quality of repots. Activities 1-3 include “doing” and “discussing” blocks to reinforce the learning process. These activities are the core of the workshop. Further, activities 4 and 5 supplement the training addressing issues you may face when dealing with in real cases.



The trainer provides background.

Block 1


Participants make decisions.

Block 2


Everyone share their thinkings on the subject.

Block 3

For a detailed description of the workshop see the Supporting material section below.

On completion of the tutorial the participants will be able to:



Provide solutions and/or improvements to any unification process.



Discuss on possible sources of discrepancies on indicators between different studies.



Propose and implement a method to assess the quality of any unification process.