Promoting Excellence

12 Dec 2018 BAC

Have you ever wondered if you are eligible for a grant from the European Research Council (ERC)?

The ERC is the main funding body in Europe and its mission is to support investigator-driven frontier research on the basis of excellence. Grantees in the Starting grant program (StG) receive on average 1,5 million euros and 2,5 million in the Advanced program (AdG).

The Research Group on Bibliometrics (BAC), a unit of the Observatory of the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRi), can compare your bibliometric indicators with those of your peer grantees to help you make better strategical decisions to boost your career.

We have the profiles of more than 6000 researchers funded by the ERC in different fields of science and technology, from which we built benchmarks for 5 dimensions: 1) Productivity, 2) Visibility, 3) Excellence, 4) Leadership and 5) International Collaboration.

Knowing how you rank among your peers you can answer questions like:

I’m I as productive as a grantee in my field?
Are my publications attracting enough attention in my field?
Are any of my publications among the top 10% most cited?
How often do I play the leading role when publishing papers?
Do I cooperate with colleagues abroad as often as the grantees in my field do?
Here at the FCRi we are offering this service at half of the regular price until December 21.

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